Sunday, August 1, 2010

Science and I

Science and I / 12” x 13” /Mixed media on recycled wood / 2008

This piece is symbolic of my relationship with and passion for science - how my culture and upbringing is a huge part of why I initially wanted to follow a career in science.

A flash of Mardi Gras

A Flash of Mardi Gras / 18” x 24” / Oil on canvas / 2009

"Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?"

I do. Many times over. That city gave me countless number of gifts that are all such an important part of me. I dream about New Orleans, I think about it when it has just rained and is still hot and humid, but pleasantly so. I say a little prayer for it every time I hit potholes anywhere in the world. I think about so many instances, I have lost count, because it is me.

When I closed my eyes and thought about how to paint Mardi Gras, I was so overwhelmed at the inspiration and subject matter, so here I present to you a 'taste test' - just some of the extraordinary experiences the festival has to offer.

Ideas in science

Ideas in Science / 16” x 20” / Mixed media on recycled wood / 2008

An idea can save the world. Well maybe not literally, but they contribute to a huge part in figuring out facts in nature and establishing a working point from which mankind has progressed to this day.

The falling apple made Newton think about gravity....

Watson and Crick with their model of the double helix....Da Vinci's uber-proportionate Vitruvian Man....

Inspiration from geniuses, I hope this painting will inspire one to be more aware of the potential hidden in nature.


Adonis / 10” x 12” / Oil on canvas / 2008

All of us get obsessed with body image and what looks good sometimes. While the dynamic of the twisted body interested me, I wanted to show the extremities of obsession with 'the perfect body'. I used an inverted colour scheme to show opposition and to reveal the substance beneath the figure - as if to say that I see through the superficial image obsession if I look hard enough.

St.Petri Dom

St.Petri Dom / 16” x 24” / Oil on canvas / 2008

Buildings serve many purposes including an aesthetic and sentimental one. Here, I wanted to take inanimate structures and covey two different kinds of moods with varying colour tones and a worm's eye perspective. My inspiration was Monet's 'Rouen Cathedral' series; as well as what cathedrals symbolize in terms of marriage. I took the term 'through thick and thin' said in many wedding vows and translated it into the colours of a warm sunny day (thick) and a cold night (thin).

Colours of the mediterranean

Colours of the mediterranean/ Acrylic on recycled wood/ 2009


LGBT / 12” x 16” / Mixed media on canvas / 2008

Justice should be unbiased and just, as is evident in the message conveyed by the Lady of Justice. However, it is often not. I wanted to make a statement on behalf of all the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender members of the world, to remind people of the basics that they (LGBT) are denied. Not just by the laws that governments make against them, but also in the unfair way in which society treats them.

Model minority

Model Minority / 12” x 16” / Mixed Media on recycled wood / 2008

Western culture, among other non-Asian cultures, often portrays Asians as meek, submissive 'minorities' more 'acceptable' than other ethnic groups like African-Americans, or Hispanics-- even though ultimately all of these stereotypes are equally prejudicial and demeaning.


Icon / 16” x 20” / Mixed media on canvas / 2006

Using the techniques used in the medieval iconoclastic images, I wanted to glorify DNA. Having worked in a lab where the primary theme of research was genetic instability in the human genome, I was inspired by the basis of our study, the DNA double helix.


God / 10” x 12” / Oil on canvas / 2008

Millions of billions of people around the world put their lives in the hands of God. Here is a Hindu widow praying at the feet of 'Bahubali', lord to Jains and Buddists, this huge concrete statue is a magnificent sight. This painting is according to proportion.

Ballet series_1

Ballet series_1 / 18” x 24” / Pencil on paper / 2006

As an artist, I have always admired and respected other artists. Especially those in areas that is so different to mine. I have shown satin slippers in different settings to create a timelessness to encourage the viewer to slip into a 'Swan Lake' mood. This series was inspired by the pain and struggle that ballet dancers go through, all while appearing beautiful, graceful and light as feathers.

Ballet series_2

Ballet series_3

Ballet series_4


Change / 8” x 12” / Acrylic on recycled wood / 2008

The first Black President of the United States of America. The election of this man into his post means not only victory for democratic Americans who support him, but also for non-American citizens who share the same ideals as this man. Because America isn't independent and it's success and failures are not independent; it determines the fate of the entire world, directly and indirectly. I hope to live till I'm 100 or more, just so I can say "I lived in the days of Barack Obama who changed the world."

Don't cry over spilt wine

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Wine / 20” x 20” / Acrylic on paper, coated with gesso / 2006

Comic relief - with this painting, I wanted to use pointillism to add a sultry playfulness to my subject. When pointillism was first introduced as an art form in was ridiculed. It took years to be recognized as a truly unique and noteworthy technique, for aesthetic purposes and in contributing to the scientific and analytical aspect of art.

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden / 12” x 13” / Pencil on paper / 2008

This depiction of flowers adds complexity to an already complex arrangement. While admiring something so beautiful sometimes, my analytical mind wants to dissect it with the eyes, trying to simplify something that is so overwhelmingly beautiful. This thought is a metaphor for Eve's temptation that lead to her fall from grace, which in turn is a metaphor for Man's habit to constantly study, dissect and over think the world around him.

Rajput princesses

Rajput Princesses / 16” x 20” / Oil on canvas / 2008

Ancient India before the colonial times was a beautiful place, filled with riches. The Rajput Kingdom was among the strongest at the time. With this painting, I wanted to show the grace that is a trademark of Indian women that exists even today.

Breast cancer wonder woman

Breast Cancer Wonder Woman / 8” x 12” / Acrylic on recycled wood / 2008

My experience in breast cancer research, the symbolism of action heros, and the joint international struggle to erradicate cancer lead to the creation of this painting. As can be seen, my work has a strong Roy Lichtenstein influence. Here, I used washes of white over most areas except those that I wished to really stand out to emphasize the message of the painting.

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected / 18” x 24” / Pencil on paper / 2006

Growing up as the daughter of a 'Racing Camel Specialist' in a family of farmers, I was always around animals. Here, I wanted to play with placing animals, a camel and a chick (definitely not a tiny one ) somewhere they are least expected.

Still life (oils)

Still life / 8” x 10” / Oil on canvas / 2006

I wanted this painting to remind the viewer of the beauty in nature's jewels. How often has one settled their mind after a tiresome day at their dinner table, gazing at harvest and appreciating their beauty.

Still life, exaggerated colour (acrylics)

Still life_exaggerated colour/ 18” x 24” / Acrylic on paper / 2006

Using the techniques I learnt in Beginning Painting while studying at Tulane University, I wanted to capture the vibrance of colours in this set up of fruits. I used purple as a background to emphasize the warmer tones in the subjects.